Omaha AKA Home

The morning we woke up to run to Omaha I didn’t think too much of it. Omaha what the heck is in Omaha… it sounds like it should be a town in Alaska. Unfortunately the thunderstorms stopped us from running so we had to shuttle all the way to the host. Since we barely got any miles in for the day some of the van wanted to finish and the other half wanted to go to a gym and do cross training. My group went to the UNO campus and begged them to use their facilities. After having a great sweaty workout we all went back to the church that was hosting us for the night. As we waited for the other half of team Baltimore and team new york we found out that the church had organized 28 families to take at least 2 runners for the two nights! Colleen Walsh and I were roommates (yayayay for W and V being close together in the alphabet!)  As we waited for the mysterious Guenther family to pick us up we imagined what our weekend would be like and it did exceed our expectations. Katie and Joel came and picked us up from the church, and look us to their beautiful 1920’s home, and treated us as if we were their own two children. Katie and Joel have 3 children 2 girls and a boy who are all graduated from college, married, and one just had a baby 2 weeks ago! This was the first time in the trip that I got to sleep in a bed and I slept like a baby! In the morning Katie took us on a tour of the city, as well as warren buffets house… which is extremely modest for the amount of money he has and the security was pathetic if I wanted to I could have walked straight up to high back door and walked in like hey what’s up hello. Anyways they then took us to their lake house, which was about 50 minutes away, which was just as beautiful as their regular home. This was truly the first rest day we had that we actually got to rest and relax!


Two Beautiful Lillys

In ScottsBluff as well as Broken Bow i got to meet the two cutest little girls who both happened to have luekemia and were both named Lilly. I sat with Lilly, her two sisters and her parents and listened to their stories- the good, the bad and the extreme hard times they went through. They found out Lilly had cancer because she fell on the trampoline, her arm swelled up a couple days later and she had a fever. They went to the hospital to find out she had cancer. Lilly can tell you a lot about her experience, from the needles, loosing her hair and how she shaved it, when she was getting treatment and on steroids she LOVED having lunchables. Her mom shared with me more of her struggles personally and with the family. Lilly has one more year of treatment so please keep her and her family in your prayers! She is another reason why I will continue to run- so no 5 year old has to experience this horrible disease.

The Pastor Who Bluffed

Scottsbluff was one of the my favorite host we have been to so far! There really was nothing in scottsbluff and when we asked the pastor what there was to do he said a 45 minute hike to the bluffs or a lake. Naturally after running over 12 miles that day we decided on the lake. The lake was about 20 minutes away and we were all excited to jump into a body of cold water! the second we pulled up we knew this was no ordinary lake... the water was extremely high and it looked more like a swamp. As about 15 of us jumped out of the van and ran towards the water we all started to notice the dreadful mosquitoes. After about 30 seconds of being bitten aline (no exaggeration i got 10 bites) we all sprinted to the van, closed the doors and drove away. Let me tell you with a group of 15 completely different people who can never make any decisions together we all were bonded over our hate for bugs and the decision was made without even a word! so yeah never go to a lake in scottsbluff

#feedingthefam #beggingisbasic

Whenever Maeve the 4k for Cancer run coordinator called to check up on us during the months leading up to the run at the end she would ask if we had any questions and most of the time I would say no. The only thing I remember her saying is there will be plenty of food from the host. So food was defiantly not my top concern. Little did I realize how much food you need to feed 28, people for breakfast lunch and dinner. Most of the hosts we have been at have provided us with dinner and breakfast but lunch is the game changer. If you want to know how we get all of our food...well we actually beg stores to feed us. Whenever you are on cargo van duty you go to restaurants, grocery stores, and just about anywhere where there is food. Adam and I were together for our first cargo day from Craig Colorado to Laramie Wyoming and let's just say we killed the food game and we never got denied! The first store we went to was Safeway and we said our speech about how we are running across America and the manager gave us 4 rotisserie chickens, 2 two foot subs, 2 meat and cheese platters, 2 bags of rolls, a veggie platter, and a fruit platter. We then went to the bagel maker and got 12 bags of bagels. Qudoba gave us 6 free burritos, subway gave us 2 sub platters. Then we went to some pizza places and ended up with 12 pizzas! It's crazy how nice people are a willing to help us out! It was also crazy how exciting it was to get all this food for our family!


Running Miles

Day 1: 8
Day 2: 12
Day 3: 9.5
Day 4: Rest Day
Day 5: 6
Day 6: 9
Day 7: 9
Day 8: 16
Day 9: 15
Day 10: Rest Day
Day 11: 12.5
Day 12: 6
Day 13: Rest Day
Day 14: 8

TOTAL: 111 Miles


Sk8er Boy

The people we have met on this trip so far have been incredibly amazing and some I will never forget! On our way to Delta Utah from Alamo Nevada we ran into a van called "the van with no plan". This Van had 7 passengers 4 Brits and 3 Americans, the Americans were brothers (and one of their girlfriends) who take the bus around the country doing odd jobs to make money and just travel. The 4 Brits found this group on Instagram and got in contact with them and said they would pay the van owners to help them travel from LA to NYC. One of the Brits Rupert is an aspiring film maker and is taking video all day everyday documenting their journey in hopes of making a documentary that he is in plans with sharing to Netflix! The 4 Brits have been friends for a long time and one of their friends was diagnosed with an odd immune system disease that was treated like Cancer and the teenage Cancer trust in England helped support him, so they are also trying to raise $20,000 for the trust! The coolest part about this group is they are longboarding the 3000 miles across the country...and 1 of the 4 never longboarding before this trip! We got to hang out with them for a few hours and it was fun making fun of their accents, attempting to skate with them and they even came to put dedication circle in the morning and skated a few miles next to us as we ran! 

If you are interested you can follow them on instagram at: thevanwithnoplan


Coyote, Snakes, and Aliens Oh My

Day 8 was a 170 miler day...the most we had done before was 103 and it took us quiet a long time...the weather for the day looked terrible...80 egress at 8am and over 100 by 12...we were all joking the day before how we would be okay if we left at 1am in the morning to beat the heat. Then around 5 pm we started taking it seriously and we all voted yes to 12am wake up call...and that is when all hell broke loose...I was in van 1 today so that meant we ran from the current city (Tonapah Nevada) to half way to the next ( Alamo Nevada) colleen was my partner today and we were the first to we ran down the sidewalk of Tonapah two separate times cars slowed down and started talking to us and all I said was " colleen run faster" once we got back into the van they were talking in the phone with another group who was scared to be running in the dark. Once we got everything. Situated and we put an excess of reflective gear and headlamps on everyone people started feeling better because we were in the lonely eat highways and no cars were passing us...for some reason everyone in my van was terrified of coyote so people were sprinting to the van...sub 6;50 mile pace... Once the van came across a few baby coyote we decided to shuttle the rest of the way to Alamo where we had to make up the I ended up having to run 12 miles straight but with alll that went wrong with the run...we met the cutest old man who worked on Area 51 for 13 years...he couldn't tell us anything because he would get a "$25,000 fine" but all he could tell us was "the government isn't telling us things" creepy scary right!?!?!


Fallin' in Fallon

Day 5: from Carson City to Fallon... 66 miles so today was a very easy day we all only ran about 6 miles! We got to Fallon around 9:30 AM. But before we got to Fallon I had a bit of a struggle lol. My running partner today was Adam, and last night he went to the Carson City American flag on the side of a mountain. He decided it would be a good idea to slide down the metal flag but towards the end his shorts slid up and he got huge burns on his butt. In the morning when we were getting out of the van to start our run i started making fun of his butt and the next thing i knew i was sliding down the side of a gravel path...I actually busted my ass! As i was Laying on the side of the hill cracking up at the fact that I just fell.. everyone in the van was just wondering where i went because they saw me one second and the next I disappeared. Then when i got up and went back to the van to clean off my cuts i smacked my head into the roof of the van.. and i currently still have a bump! It also looks like my leg got attacked by a wild cat lol!!! I think that my middle name should be hot mess!! Love Running!!! WOOOOO

Rest Day Best Day

 Today was our first rest day... And it was very well needed! We started off the day naturally jt waking up extremely early and hung out until 10:30. At 11:00 we went to the Carson-Tahoe medical Cancer center where we had a brunch for the patients and we also handed out chemo care bags! After spending the after noon there we went to Lake Tahoe! I don't event understand how the water is the way it is...the water was so clear the boats looked like they were floating on air! But the best party of the day was a man from tinder who owned a restaurant made us dinner...let me tell you about Liz...she is crazy nice and outgoing and for some reason she loves tinder...she has gotten almost $4000 dollars from messaging and meeting boys on tinder and getting them to she matched with mike and she convinced him to cook dinner for 28 of us...I seriously can't get over the fact that this random man actually made dinner for us at his restaurant! After dinner we took a trail and climbed to the top of a cliff and watched the sunset! It was absolutely crazy being that high up in the air and still being able to see throughout the water...all the mountains and the sun!

No Turning Back

5:00:wake up
5:30- pack the vans
6:00-leave for Krissy field
7-8? Pics on pics on pics
8 we start
First I'd like to say I was the first one to step foot on the Golden Gate semi claim to not really fame at all... After 3.5 miles of running and about 15 minutes of goproing we finally made it to the other side where we continuously took more pics on pics...we finally got in the van to go and my running partner was Leah...yeah Lia/leah squared!!!  The first day we only got lost once accuses apparently E forester and forester street are very different...we took our first journey in dancing which was something else because everyone say I can "dance"...little do they know I spend my free time at home you-tubing the dances to these songs soooo yah know I guess that payed off...I AM THE TRAP QUEEN

Since there are two Lia/Leah's people call me:
Adam: nice Lia
Brandon: LV
Everyone else Lia

Low light of the day: the amount of times we have to pee
Highlight of the day: passing the time running getting to know Leah better


Cali Jack

Cali Jack... Great kid...The reason why we are friends to this day is because one of the first nights of college at St. Mary's he had a little too much to drink and ended up voming on the floor of him room...and of course none of the boys knew how to clean up so I the "mother" cleaned up everything and made sure he was ok lol... I was super excited that the run was starting in San Fransisco so I could see him! Jack was my proud parent for the send off dinner and i couldn't have been more happy!!! i love having jack as one of my great friends!!

Tenderloin? Brisket? Porkchop?

After bussing 12 hours to San Fransisco I met up with 3 other 4k was fun but I carried my two heavy bags throughout the entire pier 39 and Chinatown for 6 hours...lifting for the day=done. There were about 8 of us staying in a hostel that night in the "tenderloin"...whatever that means. I had never stayed in a hostel before but I was completely surprised as to how nice it was... like much nicer and cleaner than my St. Mary's. My friend Jack who lives right outside of San Fransisco and he just laughed at the fact that we were staying in the tenderloin. The tenderloin is very diverse, but extremely friendly. We ran into a man named Jerome, who was homeless. We talked to him for 15 minutes and we all left with such a great feeling.. he said "ladies no matter what you... teach someone something"


You See LA

Walking out of the doors of LAX was something was almost as if we were in a different country. The scenery, the cars, the people, the weather is all so different from good ol Maryland. When I looked to the left of me I could see mountains then I looked to the right and saw palm trees and right in front of me were huge city buildings. Then the highways were just out of this world... i've only seen a few speed limit signs and they have just been for exits. The highways are also 6 lanes on both sides... 12 total... and there is still traffic.... if 95 was 12 would be so easy.

Nathan and Andrew are also here with me in LA visiting Kevin... and the first day here I wanted to strangle them I don't know what it is about boys and cars but it drives me insane. The majority of the cars driving on the roads are extremely high end luxury cars. Every 5 seconds it's an Aston Martin, It's a S8, it's a Lambo, look at that matte black range rover, that Rolls Royce is out of the world. This was going on non stop for about 5 hours.

Then the people...well maybe not the people specifically but the way they dress. I guess the California nonchalant lifestyle creates this "style" where they wear whatever they want whenever they want. The first outfit I saw was a guy wearing black sanuks, army creep cargo capris, a yellow short sleeve Hawaiian button down and a snap back. i mean i guess you can wear whatever you want but i mean at least try and match the colors.

Finally the weather!! I think the first thing I said was wow its warm but its not humid. Ohhhh and you know how you hear how it only rains once or twice a year in California, and of course is rained the day we went to the Hollywood sign... just our luck... and it got so foggy we couldn't even see 100 feet in front of us. He mornings and night are quite crispy but the afternoons get really warm!

Loving LA